суббота, 15 апреля 2017 г.

I forgot to write the blog, sorry for that, I got sick and wasn't on practice to 3 days, but on kitchen cooks says, that it is not a problem, next week I will work more in the evenings.

Yestarday on practice and I helped to make a classical cookies, haribo scoops (шпажки, не уверен правильно ли перевел) and very softy cookies and I saw how the bakers made chocolate Easter bunny . I was on practice until 17:00, because me and Deniss wanted to go to Amsterdam for all weekend, but our ticket was cancelled, we don't know why, but it isn't a problem, company, OUIBUS, gave to us a voucher to money, how it costs and we bought a ticket to next week and, because it was cheaper, we also bought a ticket to Paris tomorrow. To Paris will go me, Daniil and Jegor, Deniss was in Paris and Andrei don't want to go to Paris.

Today we was in Zoo, but I unfortunately don't have fotos. It was very interesting, there were not lions, tigers and crocodiles and etc, but Zoo is free and because this park was very good! And i want to tell about metro, there is a very beatifull sculptures!

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