четверг, 20 апреля 2017 г.

Hello, me, Daniil and Jegor was in Paris. It was awesome trip! First we went to the station Lille Europe, where we were supposed to take the bus to Paris. Not without adventure! Our bus was leaving at 6:30 in the morning, so we were at the metro already at 5:45, but we were waiting for a surprise - the metro was closed. We already thought to go on foot to the station, but we did not know how to get there, because we did not take the map with us, but we were lucky, a French girl helped us to call a taxi and we successfully reached our destination and started off. When we come to Paris we walked around the city, took many photos of the Parisian sights. We visited the Louvre, although there was a big queue, but since we are students - free entrance, which influenced the decision to wait! Also we got to Paris on Easter, why in the Champs-Elysées was a steep festival with different music and colorfest! After walking we bought some souvenirs and returned to the station.

Yestarday we was in Belgium, we visited some shops, bought chocolate, because it cheaper than in France.

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