понедельник, 17 апреля 2017 г.

Yesterday we went to Paris.The city really beautiful,all day we walked and looked at the showplaces of the city. After we reached the station by bus, we immediately took the metro and went to the "Tour Eiffel", which made a lot of good photos, then I and the guys Visited the museum "louvre", in which they saw very beautiful as well as interesting paintings and various statues. We also visited the very center of the city in which the festival was held in honor of Easter. This festival was very crowded, contests were held, and Also on stage performed Different singers and musicians. By the evening we had a ride on the Ferris wheel and bought some souvenirs. In the evening we returned to the bus station, waited for the bus, and back to Lille. For this day I received a lot of joyful emotions, learned more about the French and Their culture.

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